Avid-Training at In-Site – Your Avid Learning Partner in Scandinavia
Training – why
Investing in training and talent is investing in your future business. Knowledge through training creates new perspectives and new paths to tread. Knowledge helps you make reflected and qualified decisions, and we can help you get deeper knowledge and expertise in your Avid Products. When you strengthen your employees´ skills, you strengthen your production and the company´s overall level of knowledge and competitiveness.
Training characterized by quality, skills and flexibility
The foundation for quality training is highly skilled instructors. We work with a handful of certified freelance instructors who are specialists in various fields as well as our own Avid Certified Instructor.
Our training can either take place at our training facility near Copenhagen, or at your company´s premises according to your needs. We have scheduled courses during the year, but it is possible to organize courses at alternate dates.
Contact Info
If you have any questions, please contact us:
Email: Training@in-site.tv
Phone: 5338 9999
For more information about courses
Our new webpage will soon be up and running at www.in-site.tv with more detailed descriptions of the courses. For now, please go to Avid´s webpage to know more about the courses and certifications, we offer: www.avid.com.
Avid Learning Partner
In-Site recently added training as a new area to our business and became an Avid Learning Partner in 2014. We got this status, because we meet some Avid established standards regarding quality, a solid business plan and a state-of-the-art training environment.